Clever marketing solutions

Mass communication represents a strategic marketing tool, because it allows to reach a high number of potential clients in a short time.

The problems are the high planning costs and the fact that traditional media only “converse” with their own users.

Another critical issue regards the auditel and audipress figures, that are related to the estimated users of a programme or pubblication, not to the kind of people who saw the advertisings.

Immagicgroup decided to target its “mass communication” strategies using innovative medias. These medias allow to keep low contact costs and they fully cover the users of a specific geographic area (paper flyer), or reach a specific group of potential buyers (digital flyer).


Paper flyer

The first tool is the promotional paper leaflet that can be distributed “door to door” to simple clients (B2C) or to VAT registered clients. Non addressed mailing allows a drastic cost limitation and completely covers the geographic areas requested by the clients. The automotive segment achieved the most interesting results. For years, Immagicgroup has been handling “door to door” flyer distribution campaigns for the brand Citroen all over the national territory, obtaining very high redemption versus a very low contact cost.


Digital flyer

La versione digitale del volantino è una “webapp”, si presenta cioè agli occhi dell’utente come una “app” ma non è necessario che essa venga scaricata ed installata sul proprio dispositivo. Questo perché siamo convinti del fatto che difficilmente qualcuno decida di scaricare applicazioni che subissino l’utente di messaggi promozionali. Rispetto alle versione cartacea il flyer digitale può essere arricchito con contenuti multimediali (call to action, video, inviti alla prova, preventivi etc), la distribuizone avviene tramite “newsletter” o “DEM” che viene postalizzata via mail verso indirizzi in possesso del cliente o verso determinate categorie grazie all’acquisizione di database. Esempio link a flyer digitale Peugeot VC maggio 2014. Link a presentazione flyer digitale pdf.